• The J2EEcourse, an advanced version of basic Java, is especially designed to build powerful web applications. It offers all those feature that Java includes plus a comprehensive suite of server side technologies. With J2EE, students will understand what the object oriented programming is and how to develop sophisticated J2EE programs, including exception checking, database features, and class library routines. Students who are looking to get trained in J2EE programming, can join us for this course.

    Our J2EE program includes the following topics –

    Enterprise Java Beans –

    • Jave beans introduction
    • EJB design patterns
    • EJB QL and SQL
    • EJB session beans
    • The detail of writing beans
    • Message driven bean
    • Message driven bean clients
    • EJB fundamentals
    • EJB development overview
    • EJB load balancing
    • Java bean accessibility
    • EJB fundamentals and session beans


    • J2EE servelts
    • J2EE objects
    • J2EE technology
    • J2EE platform