• We offer full range of Java/J2EE training, from writing fundamental Java syntax and OOPS programming to developing distributed enterprise applications using object component technologies. The course describes how to build multi-tier distributed applications, specifically addressing web access, business logic, data access and applications supporting enterprise service technologies.
    Duration: 6 Weeks / 16 Weeks / 24 Weeks *
    *Pre-requisite Qualification(s) should be:

    • Any Graduate having good analytical skills B.Sc.(IT), BCA, B.Tech, M.Sc.(IT), MCA, MBA(IT), M.Tech.
    • Basic computer knowledge with zeal to learn and achieve OCJP, OCJD, OCWCD, OCBCD and OCDJWS certifications.




    Java For Beginners :

    • Object Oriented Concepts
    • Writing Java Classes
    • Interfaces, Packages and Inner Classes
    • Exploring java.lang package
    • Using Layout Managers
    • Swings Advanced controls
    • IDE: NetBeans / Eclipse
    • RMI and Socket Programming
    • Introduction to Java
    • Operators and Flow Controls
    • Exception Handling and File I/O
    • Introducing Swings API, Basic controls
    • Event Handling
    • JDBC
    • Multi-Threading, Collection and Utility Classes
    • New Features in Java 5

    Advance Java :

    • Overview
    • WebServers: Tomcat / WebLogic / JBOSS
    • Java Server Pages (JSP)
    • Hibernate
    • J2EE Design Pattern (Basic)
    • XML Utilities
    • Web Clients and Components
    • Java Servlet
    • Java Beans Components in JSP
    • Struts
    • Creating Web projects using NetBeans IDE
    • Web Services (WSDI) [Basic]

    Enhanced J2EE Concepts :

    • JSF, JMS, Spring
    • AJAX, EJB

    Project Work: Project development using Java and J2EE technology.


    On completing this course, the students can enjoy various benefits like:

    • Learn practical as well as theoretical concepts of Java and J2EE.
    • More practice questions to build strong fundamentals in Java and J2EE.
    • Test(s) will be conducted to evaluate performance.
    • Exposure to project development using Java and J2EE technology.
    • Get prepared for the OCJP, OCJD, OCWCD, OCBCD and OCDJWS certifications.

    Exit Profile of the Student:

    At the successful completion of the course, students get strong hold on OOPS concepts. Students will be very strong in developing projects by using Java and J2EE Technologies. Also they can complete the OCJP, OCJD, OCWCD, OCBCD and OCDJWS certifications.

    Note: Course duration varies depending upon the course content.
    * Conditions Apply.