Microsoft .NET

  • The intensive course training will introduce you to Dot Net, the underlying Dot Net framework and windows forms for rich GUI applications, ASP.NET for systems targeted at the web, Web services and service oriented architecture and clearing the MCAD, MCSD and MCPD Certification.
    Duration: 6 Weeks / 16 Weeks / 24 Weeks *
    *Pre-requisite Qualification(s) should be:

    • Any Graduate having good analytical skills B.Sc.(IT), BCA, B.Tech, M.Sc.(IT), MCA, MBA(IT), M.Tech.
    • Basic computer knowledge with zeal to learn and achieve MCAD, MCSD and MCPD certifications.






    Working With Console Application In C# .NET :

    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Language Foundation
    • Arrays
    • Inheritance
    • Strings and Regular expressions
    • Files and Streams
    • Threads
    • Introduction to .NET Framework
    • Classes and Objects
    • Interfaces
    • Delegates
    • Errors and Exception handling
    • Collections and Iterators

    Working With Windows Application(VC#.NET) :

    • Integrated Development Environment
    • Menu Controls and Multiple Document Interface
    • Data Access with ADO.NET
    • Introduction to Controls
    • Dialog Boxes
    • Deploying Windows Application

    Developing And Implementing Web Application (ASP.NET) :

    • NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 IDE
    • Page Events, Rendering Model
    • Web Server controls
    • Data Access with ADO.NET
    • COM and DCOM
    • Website Navigation
    • Data Bound and Source Controls
    • Security and Configuration
    • Working with Communication Services (Web services and WCF)
    • Working with Model View Controller(MVC)
    • Working with jQuery
    • Introduction to Mobile Applications
    • Page Structure Options and Directives
    • Server Controls and Client side scripts
    • Validation of Server controls
    • Rich Data controls
    • Working with Master Pages
    • User Controls and its Events
    • State Management
    • Working with AJAX and AJAX toolkit
    • Implementing LINQ (Language integrated
    • Implementing Silverlight Applications (WPF)
    • Working with XML

    Project Work: Project development using Microsoft .NET Technologies.


    On completing this course, the students can enjoy various benefits like

    • Learn practical as well as theoretical concepts of .NET Technologies.
    • More practice questions to build strong fundamentals in .NET Technologies.
    • Test(s) will be conducted to evaluate performance.
    • Exposure to project development using .NET Technologies.
    • Get prepared for the MCAD, MCSD and MCPD certifications.

    Exit Profile of the Student:

    At the successful completion of the course, students get strong hold on OOPS concepts and they will be very strong in developing Windows Forms Application, Web Application and XML Web Services. Also they can compete the MCAD, MCSD and MCPD certifications.

    Note:- Course duration varies depending upon the course content.
    * Conditions Apply.